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American International Academy of Mauritius
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  Registration / Terms & Conditions
How to Register
If you would like to enroll one or more children, please download our registration form and follow the instructions on page two. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Save even more! Pre-pay your child's yearly tuition and receive an additional 5% discount off of the published rate. More than one child to enroll? We'll take another 5% off the fee for each additional child you register!
Terms & Conditions
AIA operates on a January-November school calendar that consists of three terms: January-April, May-July, and August-November. Exact term start and end dates vary from year to year. Please contact us for information on the current school calendar.
Parents of new prospective students are required to submit the New Student Registration Fee (i.e. "Capital Levy") and a deposit equivalent to 3 month's tuition installments prior to November 30th in order to be accepted for the following school year.
Tuition is paid in a series of 11 monthly installments based on the total yearly tuition for each registered student. Multiple student discounts are automatically factored into these installments as are any additional discounts or promotions.
The first monthly tuition installment is paid out of the aforementioned 3 month deposit. The last two monthly tuition installments are held in deposit and carried over for each year the student remains enrolled (subject to tuition adjustment).
IMPORTANT: If the student is withdrawn prior to the end of the calendar year, the aforementioned deposit is applied to the last two monthly installment periods in which the student attended class - provided the parent or guardian gives us at least 60 days notice of their intent to withdraw.
The New Student Registration Fee (i.e. "Capital Levy") is non-refundable, as is the Textbook Rental Fee and Placement Exam Fee.
Monthly tuition installments are to be paid by bank standing order and are due on the 1st business day of each month.
Failure to pay tuition on time will result in a written warning after 3 days and expulsion of the student after 10 days. In the case of expulsion, the last two monthly tuition installments will be forfeited, and additional deposits and conditions may be imposed before the student is considered for reinstatement. Tuition payments made after the first business day of the month are subject to a 5% surcharge.
To qualify for the Mauritian rate, students must be in possession of a valid Mauritian passport or birth certificate, or be formally registered in the Mauritian passport of their parent or guardian. Student's possessing foreign passports or who are otherwise unable to meet these criteria will be billed at the Foreign student rate.
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